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Launch Day Pivot

We have been excited to launch One-in-Five Dyslexia! After several detours here we are- LAUNCH DAY!!

What do you do when the day before your planned launch the tagline for your business: We’re All In This Together becomes the #tagline and connector for a global pandemic?


What do you do when you work together in person with business partners and you can no longer be together, due to social distancing?


When you have all your print-work and website ready to go (AGAIN) and then your business adjusted tagline becomes the # for teachers during the pandemic?


We have decided to temporarily adjust our long-term vision of the One-in-Five Dyslexia Subscription Box, and focus on creating the needed community through the One-in-Five Dyslexia Membership. We know that in the dyslexia community all of you have become very good at learning to pivot and adjust too…it is part of this journey on a normal day. We move forward because we trust that others need to be reminded that We're All In This Together and we are Better Together.

Join us, you are not alone...we #JourneyTogether

One in Five Dyslexia Create Connections + Share Solutions  + Celebrate Wins = Journey Together

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