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Trail Magic

In the backpacking community there is a term that I love and have experienced- “trail magic”. Trail Magic essentially is an experience of connectedness or an answered need that helps a hiker be able to continue on the journey or, refreshes them. For some this is a tangible item or supply that they find or another backpacker provides. For others, this may be a connection to nature such as the awe of a mountaintop that makes the pain and struggle of getting there diminish and refreshes you to keep going.
During this journey, both regarding dyslexia and COVID-19, One-in-Five Dyslexia wants to bring you a bit of Trail Magic along the way. It is our hope that these items and moments of “Trail Magic” will encourage and equip each of us as we #Journey Together.
The first bit of Trail Magic for you to discover is a game, Trail Magic at Home, to help create connections with each other, help provide some innovative ideas to keep busy, and even practice reading and writing skills in a more informal way during this time at home.
As part of this community, there are so many times of struggle just to get the assignment/project/chore DONE. On top of that, many of us are working from home and trying to balance homeschooling with 24 hour-a-day family time. Hopefully, this game will provide a way to change things up a bit and have some fun with our kids during this time at home. This game is for everyone!
Click Here to get your free, download of Trail Magic at Home, and keep an eye out for future Trail Magic...

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