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About Us

One-in-Five Dyslexia is committed to creating connections through a culture of encouragement, sharing things we have all learned to make the journey easier than traveling alone, and celebrating the wins along the way.

One of the things that we have learned is that self-care and family care are critical and we will both practice and foster this balance. We also place value in the importance to trust your gut and advocating for what your children need. 

For us, the heartbeat of One-in-Five Dyslexia is our own children and our close friends who are traveling similar paths through parenting children with learning differences, which can have a holistic impact on the whole family. Our children have unique experiences with the frustrations, gifts and talents, self-image, co-morbid aspects, peer relationships, emotional and physical impacts of dyslexia; their voices and likely shared experiences to you/your children will be strongly represented in the culture and offerings of One-in-Five Dyslexia.

We are so grateful for the many resources, books, research avenues, remediation programs, views, educators and professionals that are doing their part to approach aspects of dyslexia.

One-in-Five Dyslexia is built on the foundation that there is a need and space for a family driven business that is a mix of the one and the five. We uniquely understand the day-to-day family experiences, the things that go on behind the scenes- the strengths, the joys and struggles of dyslexia, and the impact on the family. We are excited to share in showing our pride for being part of the 1 in 5 Dyslexia Community and in knowing that voices across districts, professions, backgrounds, expertise and experiences can build bridges over current gaps. At One-in-Five Dyslexia we believe both our shared experiences and our differences, will make us stronger as a whole. 

We hold on to the belief that as we all know better, we do better which includes the responsibility to not look away. One-in-Five Dyslexia is our way of doing better...we are asking you to join us. #JourneyTogether

One in Five Dyslexia Create Connections Share Solutions Celebrate Wins Journey Together